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Moscow Ballet - La Classique, Giselle

Founded in 1990, utilising ballet dancers from the leading theatres of the CIS Countries and the Bolshoi, Kirov and Ballet Theatres of Kiev and Odessa.

Always in demand, Moscow Ballet - La Classique has recently thrilled ballet lovers during hugely successful tours of Egypt, Morocco, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Norway, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK and this talented company have deservedly gained international acclaim.

A ballet in 2 Acts.

Music: Adolphe Adam
Libretto: Vernoy de Saint-Georges & Théophile Gautier
Inspired by the work of German poet Heinrich Heine
Choreography: Marius Petipa after Jean Coralli & Jules Perrot
Adapted by: Leonid Mikhailovich Lavrovsky (1944) and revised especially for Moscow Ballet - La Classiaue by Mikail Leonidovich Lavrovsky, his son (one of the Bolshoi's leading principal dancers and subsequently Artiste Director of the Tiblisi Ballet).

The romantic ballet Giselle is a classic, considered to be the "Hamlet" of ballet and equally popular today as when it premiered at the Paris Opéra 28 June 1841.

Stories of the romantically supernatural provided a popular theme for poets and novelists of the day, with settings both ethereal and natural and beautiful young maidens deserted or deceived by their lovers, or whose love remained unfulfilled because of the intervening powers. One such tale told of the Wilis - ghostly or sylph-like spirits of girls engaged to be married yet dead from grief before their weddings. They were said to reveal themselves in forest glades from midnight until daybreak, dancing in the moonlight in their billowing white, weaving their wonderful formations and seemingly endless patterns. But they were as dangerous as they were beautiful! Any young man drawn into their midst would be compelled to dance to the point of death by utter exhaustion.

A perfect basis for ballet - pallid sylphs lifted effortlessly into the air by handsome partners; soon Giselle ou Les Wilis with its haunting musical score, evocative, moving and powerful as it shifts scenes between the fantastic ethereal and rustic existential worlds, was proclaimed triumphant successor to the renowned La Sylphide, and the greatest ballet of its time!

The beautiful village maiden Giselle is courted by the handsome stranger Loys - who is, in fact Prince Albrecht in disguise. Her rejected suitor Hilarion reveals Albrecht's deceit in the presence of a hunting party which includes Albrecht's fiance Princess Bathilde! Shocked and distressed, Giselle dies of a broken heart.

Act II, within a moonlit glade at the site of her grave Albrecht sees the ghostly form of Giselle in the midst of her new-found sisters The Wilis (Sylph-like spirits of young maidens who have died before their marriage) in their graceful dances through the forest.
As Albrecht enters, she is compelled by their Queen to dance Albrecht to death!

Yet true love eventually wins the day and, as dawn breaks, Albrecht is saved as Giselle fades away, yielding to the magic of the Wilis and resigned to parting forever.


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